GIVE FIFTY ONE Vision and Giving Statement

We exist so that homeless children can have a greater future.
With every GFO purchase you make, 100% of the profit goes to help children in need.


Why GIVE 51%?

We are called GIVE FIFTY ONE because we believe, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”
When we started GFO in 2012 we gave 51% of our profit to help children; but now, since September 1, 2014, we give 100%.


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GIVE FIFTY ONE Movement Breakdown

GIVE FIFTY ONE (GFO) is a movement to help homeless children and other children in need that is composed of two entities:

(1) GIVE FIFTY ONE,L3C Brand – We create apparel and accessories to bring awareness to the problem of child homelessness and other children in need.

*We are currently in the process of merging our brand into our GFO Foundation so that we are officially all non-profit. In the meanwhile, 100% of our profit still goes to our Foundation to help children.

(2) GIVE FIFTY ONE Foundation, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit – We garner support through a number of different resources, such as donations, volunteers and strategic partnerships to help give children in need a greater future.


GIVE FIFTY ONE Foundation Mission

1. Provide for children in need through practical means, as well as through “Fun, Food and Faith”.

2. Create premiere unique volunteer opportunities for this generation to reach out to help children in need.

3. Partnership. We commit to give out 10% of our Foundation’s income to our strategic partners that help homeless children, orphans or other children in need.


Defining “Children in Need”

GIVE FIFTY ONE defines children in need as those who are living in unstable conditions which include:

  • Shelters
  • Transitional housing
  • Pay-by-week motels
  • Doubled-up not by choice
  • Cars/Buildings or other areas not suitable for habitation
  • Foster children awaiting permanent placement
  • Orphans
  • At risk children

GIVE FIFTY ONE exists so that children in need can have a greater future … Join the movement!

Alexander Greer

Alexander Greer

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Jonathan Jones